Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 : Meet the Artist: EON SLD

Amsterdam Light Festival Edition #8 에 참여하는 이온에스엘디의 인터뷰가 암스테르담 라이트 페스티벌 홈페이지에 실렸습니다!


Meet the Artist: EON SLD

The designers of EON SLD ('be warm') use light to make an impact; they are responsible for big light projects in Korea.

EON SLD is a lighting design studio from Seoul. Their designs illuminate various prominent venues throughout South Korea. Botanic parks, departure halls, and hotels  the range of projects they've worked on is extensive. What draws them to light?

'With light, we can turn a space into something special and emotional.'

Transforming spaces with a touch of light, that's what the light designers work on at EON SLD. “Our biggest source of inspiration is natural light, something we engage with every day. Light is ever-changing. We try to understand that aspect, and apply it to the spaces we work on. When people are impressed by the spaces we design, that's when we feel most rewarded.”

EON SLD draws inspiration from the arts too. “We recently visited an exhibition of light artist James Turrell. The colorful and brightly-lit space had a big impact on us. The artwork deeply touched us. It reminded us that we have every reason to be proud to be working as a light designer.”

Their work for Amsterdam Light Festival is still under development, but we can reveal that a special work will soon be added to their list of projects. Their approach? EON SLD: “Good artwork should contain a well-thought-out message. If it is then understood and appreciated by its audience, we believe that can lead society in a better direction.”

EON SLD ('be warm') is a light design studio based in Seoul. The studio specializes in urban lighting, interior lighting and the design of lighting objects. Since 2015, the studio has also been organizing its own light festival: ‘Euljiro Lightway’, to breath new life into Seoul’s Euljiro neighborhood.


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