FRAME Night Fever 6 - hospitality design
“Healing Stay KOSMOS Resort”
Mythical and futuristic at the same time, the Healing Stay Kosmos resort sits atop a steep peak on Ulleung Island in South Korea. The island – born from a volcanic eruption 2.5 million years ago – is home to immaculate sea caves, waterfalls and forests. The_System Lab and lighting designers EON SLD drew from the majestic nature of the location in their design. With undulating, pristine white surfaces, the buildings mimic the waves of the sea beneath.
The area consists of two main structures: Villa Kosmos, whose interiors take to the universe and space as a theme, and Villa Terre, which symbolizes the earth. The lighting concept plays an important role in the design. The team emulated natural light found on the island through artificial lighting, so that guests can enjoy the surrounding nature fully. With this setup, the team accentuated the organically formed architecture and provided minimum brightness at night to maximize visual comfort.
Exterior lighting references sun rays through forest canopies and moonlight reflected on the waves, while the interior fixtures are placed behind the partially perforated ceilings to create an undisruptive atmosphere. By carefully considering the natural light on and around the site, the designers ensured a gentle and harmonious atmosphere, where guests can appreciate the panoramic sights.

“Art Paradiso Hotel at Paradise City Resort”
This luxurious hotel and resort in South Korea seeks to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Located at Paradise City near Incheon Airport, Art Paradiso Hotel’s 58 rooms exude grandeur and sophisticated elegance while manifesting a high-end art gallery feel. Lighting designers EON SLD and Paradise Space Design Department’s brief was to combine art and entertainment in a single space.
A true feast for the eyes, the interiors showcase an abundance of extravagant yet classy details: artworks, thin, icicle-like chandeliers, heavy, sculptural doors, swirling table tops, and reflective floors. To create an ambiance of an art gallery, the designers used low levels of illuminance. In addition, they installed a clean ceiling design and emphasized the artworks and furniture with the use of spotlights.
A key feature of the lighting design was the use of stainless mirror finishing – while lustrous and reflective it also reduces the reflection of lighting fixtures. Moreover, the utilization of anti-glare downlights gives a cosy and comfortable feel to balance the reflective and dark finishing materials. Installing the glossier finishing materials was a challenge for the team because of its severe reflective qualities. The exposure of lights was hidden with the use of louvers and concealed installations.
FRAME Night Fever 6 - hospitality design “Healing Stay KOSMOS Resort” and “Art Paradiso Hotel at Paradise City Resort” projects were featured.

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